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Providing short briefings available with an overview of Dignity at Work, Resilience and Wellbeing training and the 6 step approach.


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Training for all employees on how to be resilient and develop new skills and tools to improve wellbeing. Be more motivated and satisfied with job experience.


Training for managers to lead resilient teams. Impact on a reduction in sickness absence and presenteeism. Giving a proactive approach to wellbeing and ongoing development.


Training courses for leaders, managers, employees. For information on courses, call on 0141 354 1431 

‘I was very impressed with the course and the trainer and have no hesitation in recommending YSM’

-Manager, Charity Meribel

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Developing Personal Resilience

Assertiveness and Confidence Building

6 Steps Team Building

Stress Risk Assessment

Stress Awareness

Managing Stress

Dignity at Work

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