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 Stress Management

Tools and Techniques

For Carers


                    Stress Management

                    Tools and Techniques

                  for Young Carers

Cost only £295.00 and can be downloaded to your computer. Order below.

Who is it suitable for?

This programme is designed for people who intend to deliver the Stress Management Tools and Techniques within their organisation.

About the Train the Training pack

The pack is designed to be over four separate sessions or four half-days and is ideal for carers who have various commitments. Ideally, start at 10am till about 1pm and have a break or lunch. The other option is early afternoon although the best times that appears to work for carers is the morning session, as so often they require being back early afternoon to attend to their caring commitments.

The time for each session is from 2-3 hours and this depends on the relaxation sessions plus discussion. As this is a subject very close to most carers, there is always a lot of discussion which also helps them to understand not only their own issues but those of others.

The complete pack consists of:





Powerpoint presentation slides


Evaluation form

Registration form

Trainer notes

Certificate of attendance

Single Trainer Licence Agreement

Use the Registration Form to keep a log of all who have attended and at the end of the session or at the end of the four sessions, ask all attendees to complete an Evaluation Form.

The presentation is ready to deliver training to carers and young carers and all that is required is to print off workbooks and handouts.

The aims and objectives for each session are:

Aim of Session 1 is:  To understand stress and how it impacts on our health.


Know how pressure becomes stress  

Identify the causes of stress

Understand the background to relaxation and how this can be part of a regular routine

Explain how to develop a Relaxation Plan

Aim of Session 2 is: To understand anxiety, body and mind awareness to promote a healthier lifestyle.


Identify when you feel anxious and ways to help.

Explain techniques to help

Understand body and mind awareness for a healthier lifestyle

Understand how to relax

Aim of Session 3 is: To understand how life changes can impact on health and how relaxation techniques can effectively help.


Identify life changes e.g. job change, carer role, redundancy

Identify Crises e.g. divorce, caring, death of spouse, relative  

Explain how stress can impact on our health

Explain how to reduce the Stress of Caring

Aim of Session 4 is: To understand insomnia and how you can improve sleep and relax more.


Recognise how sleep and relaxation improves lifestyle

Identify relaxation through smell and touch

Identify how to be more relaxed

Explain how relaxation is essential to health

Both packs have been developed by stress management and health professionals with a clear insight into how stressful caring can be. All the materials have been research based and are up-to-date.


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Stress Management Tools and Techniques for Young Carers




Stress Management Tools and Techniques for Carers