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N.B. if you are based in the West of Scotland and the organisation has less than 250 employees, you may be eligible for a grant of up to 50% of the cost of this course.

All can be open or delivered on your site.

Managing Stress- 18 January, 2 February (Glasgow) NO SPACES IN JANUARY, SPACES IN FEBRUARY

This course is suitable for managers and team leaders to enable them to understand the causes of stress within the workplace, the legal and HSE implications, how to manage stress effectively and prevent stress. Learn new skills and improve productivity and have a happier workforce.  More info

Stress Risk Assessment

The course will help you to understand how to carry out a stress risk assessment and learn how to use the HSE Management Standards for work-related stress using a risk assessment approach. Suitable for HR, Health and Safety, Managers or anyone who has responsibility for stress within their organisation.  More info


Understanding the HSE Management Standards

This course is on how to implement the Management Standards and understand all the issues in tackling work-related stress.  You will learn how to describe the organisational approach to work-related stress, explain the risk assessment approach, describe the management standards in detail and develop an action plan. More info

Assertiveness and Confidence Building

You will learn how to become more assertive and develop new skills which will result in a more confident YOU. This is an interactive and enjoyable session and you will wish that you had attended one before. More info

Stress Awareness and Wellbeing (half day)

This course is suitable for all staff and an introduction for more senior staff. You will learn the causes and symptoms of stress and how it impacts on your life at work and at home. Learn techniques and skills to reduce stress. More info

Goal Setting and Motivation

This course enables you to identify a personal goal setting plan of short and long-term goals which can be realistically attained. Goals are linked to motivation and cannot be achieved without some motivation. You will learn and develop new skills. More info

Improve Wellbeing, Improves Performance

Identifying the symptoms of stress in yourself and others and providing practical skills and techniques to reduce the impact on both themselves and their colleagues. Enable to become resilient to stress and to improve performance. More info

Cost Full day £198  Half day £109








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