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Welcome to Your Stress Management (YSM) a specialist stress management consultancy based in Glasgow and Edinburgh, covering the UK. We specialise in helping to reduce and prevent stress at work and ensure that you have a good work-life balance. We support and work with organisations and individuals in the development of robust and effective resilience and preventative interventions. With a thorough understanding of recognised standards and best practice, we aim to develop a strong relationship and will provide innovative solutions to ensure effective practice for all organisations we work with. To find out more or ask for a one hour free discussion contact us here.

Our Aim and Vision is to reduce stress and improve well-being and to provide high standards and be the company of choice for helping organisations understand and manage their health and well-being and stress risks plus ensuring that they work more effectively and efficiently.





Whether your business is a large one or a small one, in the voluntary, private or public sector, then you should effectively and efficiently manage stress and may require to carry out stress risk assessments. For the best approach, please get in touch here.  Let us give you some free advice and let you know how we can help.


YSM helping to reduce stress at work and improve well-being

Management Solutions

We provide a complete Management Solution for

organisations.  We work

with you to help to develop recommendations

For Individuals

Stress Audit/Surveys

As an individual if you are wondering what is the best method to reduce and manage stress, request a call and find out more. It is free so get in touch today.

As experts in stress management and helping to prevent stress at work, we will provide effective and efficient ways to become resilient to stress following a Stress Audit.

Stress Management training

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Tel: 0141 333 6608


For a quote and to find out more here

We provide interactive stress management training and stress-related courses from one hour to a full day. Get in touch to find out more.