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Providing training and consultancy to help manage complex and diverse issues within the workplace.  

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YSM Solutions provides training and consultancy services to help organisations manage effectively complex and diverse problems within the workplace which can be caused by stress, bullying at work, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.

We also provide effective solutions for stress in the workplace and help develop effective mental health and wellbeing policies. To find out how we can help you now, call us on 0141 354 1431 or here

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Resilience training for managers and employees. Providing effective tools to be more resilient and to develop their roles and improve overall wellbeing, motivation and productivity.

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Delivering IIRSM accredited training on how to carry out a stress risk assessment and be able to ensure that there is a reduction in stress and stress-related conditions. Become an assessor.

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We can provide preventative and effective HR solutions. We focus on building improved and better relationships at work. We can help organisations of any size as well as HR teams who would like outcomes who can deliver quality employee services.

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