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Providing training and consultancy to help manage complex issues within the workplace.  

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YSM Solutions provides training and consultancy services to help organisations manage effectively complex and diverse problems within the workplace which can be caused by stress, bullying at work, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour.

We also provide effective solutions for stress in the workplace and help develop effective mental health and wellbeing policies. To find out how we can help you now, call us on 0141 354 1431 or here

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Managing stress for Managers training also IIRSM Approved Stress Risk Assessment training, Stress Awareness and Wellbeing, Personal Resilience.

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Delivering IIRSM approved training on how to carry out a stress risk assessment and be able to ensure that there is a reduction in stress and stress-related conditions. Become an assessor.

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This programme is designed for people who intend to deliver the Stress Management Tools and Techniques for Carers within their organisation

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When we are stressed, it can be simple to identify, but on other occasions, we can't realise we're in a stressed state. Because stress affects our bodies and our emotions in different ways, it shows up in various ways.

Our bodies produce cortisol and adrenaline when we are stressed (types of hormones). Our bodies are designed to react to threats and deal with a variety of dangerous situations: fight, flight, or freeze. In response to threats such as saber-toothed tigers, humans turned to this strategy in the past.

While things like car accidents aren't as common in modern life, we get bogged down with piles of unread emails instead. Though the threats we face have altered and evolved, our brains have not. Even if we're not in a life-threatening situation, stress hormone.

This is the best way to help to improve your wellbeing and be resilient

IIRSM Stress Risk Assessment training

Stress Awareness & Wellbeing training reduced

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